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What Is The First Thing I Should Do If I Am Involved In A Car Accident?

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After a car accident causes serious injuries, it’s important that you stay at the scene. The first thing you should do is call 911 for police and paramedics. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be wondering, ” should I get a lawyer?”

If injuries are minor and property damage is minimal, you may settle a claim on your own. However, if injuries are severe, you may benefit by having a Houston lawyer help you seek compensation that adequately addresses your needs.

What to Do after a Car Accident: Protecting Your Rights
In addition to getting medical care after a car accident, you should keep all follow-up appointments and obey your doctor’s orders. Other steps you should take after being involved in a car accident include: 

  • getting contact information from witnesses – ask for phone numbers, email addresses, snail mail addresses, and what they saw and provide this information to your attorney;
  • taking photos of the accident scene, damaged vehicles, and any visible injuries;
  • keeping track of medical treatment by gathering all of your medical bills and keeping them together in a large envelope. Make sure you include bills for any medical devices or prescription medication; and
  • staying on high alert if you are offered an early settlement. Any settlement offer should be reviewed by your lawyer. It’s common for insurance companies to offer a low first settlement in the hopes that you will accept it and go away.

If you’re still wondering, “should I get a lawyer?” then understand that your injury claim will be taken more seriously if you have legal counsel by your side.

Contact a Houston Lawyer
When you have experienced legal representation on your side and when you know what to do after a car accident, you can rest assured that your attorney will fight for all compensation to which you may be entitled, including past, current and future medical expenses; pain and suffering; lost earnings or earning potential; or wrongful death benefits.

While you focus on your recovery and emotional wellbeing, you should have a lawyer at The Kahn Law Firm advocating for your rights. Contact us today – 713-999-6549 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN.

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