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Texas Dwi Lawyers Warn Against Trusting New Dui App Too Much

A new iPhone app designed to provide an estimate of a person’s blood alcohol content (or BAC) level is creating some buzz, but as Texas DWI lawyers, we worry that the app could lead to a false sense of security.

The app, developed by the Colorado Department of Transportation as part of its New Years DUI prevention efforts, is called R-U-Buzzed.   It works by taking information like your weight and the number and type of drinks you have had, and then spitting out a BAC figure. That information also comes with a color coded message that informs you if you can drive home, or if you should absolutely hire a designated driver. R-U-Buzzed has proved very popular, and has been downloaded more than 40,000 times since it was released in December.

As Houston DWI lawyers, we have several problems with the app.

On the surface of it, this might seem just like what the bartender ordered – a system that allows you to calculate your own BAC level and warn you if you aren’t fit to drive. However, the information isn’t completely accurate. To its credit, R-U-Buzzed doesn’t claim to offer a precise figure of a person’s BAC level. There are a number of factors besides weight and drinks consumed that can impact intoxication BAC levels.

We also worry that persons, especially younger drivers, may see a message saying they’re sober and feel encouraged to drive. Remember, the app won’t help you if you fail a breathalyzer test and have to call a Houston DWI lawyer.
There could also be potential for misusing the app, like in a game of who can drink the most at the bar. Checking BAC levels could turn into a party game, which Texas DWI lawyers would not advise at all.

At the end of the day, this is likely a fun and well intentioned, but flawed system that we would not advise motorists to base their driving decisions on.

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