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Texas DWI Lawyers Oppose Montgomery County Da’s Tweet & Shame Tactics–houston Dwi Lawyer

s Texas DWI lawyers, we are aware of the stain a DUI arrest may place on an person’s record. Now, an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County, Texas is making use of social networking sites to carry this blot on the record, online .
The Montgomery County DA’s Office is using Twitter to “tweet” or send out names of people arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Twitter is a social networking medium that allows you to ”tweet out” or send out messages of up to 140 characters in length to your followers. The site has grown tremendously over the past year, and currently 18 million Americans are believed to be on Twitter. Moreover, Twitter messages are now being included in Google search engine rankings, which means that related tweets now show up when you search for a particular topic.

What that also means is that a tweet about a drunk driving arrest is also highly likely to show up when anyone runs a search on the person’s name. As Texas DWI lawyers, we find the potential ramifications of such “tweet and shame” tactics to be extremely worrisome. Take for instance a person who is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.  In our country, a man is innocent until proven guilty. However, the Montgomery County DA’s Office under this new strategy will go right ahead and tweet the man’s name to possibly thousands of its followers. If a potential employer decides to Google the person’s name, the DUI arrest tweet would show up.  The repercussions for the person, his career, his future prospects, employment, current and future relationships and his life in general will be dramatically affected by a single 140-character tweet.

To Texas DWI attorneys, who know the nightmare someone who is falsely accused of driving while intoxicated can go through, this Twitter tactic adds just one more dimension to his suffering. This is a reprehensible practice, and it would be appalling if even one wrongly accused person suffered humiliation and loss because of a false tweet.

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