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After A Car Accident In Houston: How To Behave On Social Media When Insurance Companies Are Watching (Part A)

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After a car accident, you’re worried about healing from your injuries, mitigating the impact that the mounting pile of medical bills will have in your monthly expenses, handling your vehicle repairs, dealing with the insurance company, and potentially losing income from taking time away from work while you recover and tend to the many demands of post-collision fallout.

You are probably not thinking about your Facebook profile, but studies show that you should be. As a lawyer in Houston will explain, you are being watched by provides of insurance, and social media profiles can be used to track your activities.

Censor Your Social Media Activity to Prevent Intrusions of Privacy

Insurance companies insist that they are using social sites to collect information that will help them discover false claims. Of course, insurance companies don’t deny only falsified claims.

For them, the more claims denied and the more premium payments collected means higher profits, so any excuse to deny a claim will do. That means you should avoid posting photos that could be misconstrued to indicate that you are not injured or that you are somehow using the damages you collected from a claim on expensive trips or luxury items rather than on what they are intended for – recovering from your injuries, paying medical expenses, supplementing lost wages, and making repairs to your vehicle.

An Insurance Attorney in Houston Can Help

To learn more about how to protect the legitimacy of your case after a car accident when your insurance is on social media and trying to track your activities, reach out to an insurance attorney in Houston. Your attorney may advise you to deactivate and discontinue use of your social media profiles altogether, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer in Houston, reach out to the hardworking and dedicated legal team at our firm.

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