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5 Common Mistakes and 9 Basic Tips to Remember After a Car Accident (Part B)

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It’s confusing to know what to do after an auto accident in Texas to avoid making any costly mistakes. Do you need to see a doctor immediately or should you wait to see if the pain in your back goes away? Do you need a lawyer or should you talk directly to the insurance company? After a car accident in Texas, it’s always a good idea to consult with Houston lawyers who understand your situation and know how to look out for you and your rights, especially when dealing with insurance companies. Basic Tips to Follow After a Car Accident Most people are not expecting to be involved in a car accident. Some basic things to try and keep in mind are to:
  • stay calm;
  • assess any injuries and damage;
  • be examined immediately by medical personnel;
  • call the police;
  • get your vehicle off the road if possible;
  • exchange information with other drivers (names, addresses, license plate numbers, make and model of car, driver’s license numbers, insurance identifications);
  • write down any witnesses’ names and addresses;
  • get the responding police officers’ names and badge numbers; and
  • call your insurance company.
Do you need a lawyer to deal with insurance companies? After a car accident in Texas, it is important to report it to your insurance company; however, you may want to consult with Houston lawyers before signing any paperwork or settling a claim. Insurance companies often want to settle the claim as quickly as possible. An offer may be made to close the case, and this may not be in your best interest and serve all of your needs. By teaming with experienced Houston lawyers who are familiar with car accident claims and are used to working with insurance companies, you are more likely to recover what you need and deserve. Contacting a Houston Personal Injury Attorney When you have experienced legal representation on your side, you’ll know what to do after an auto accident, and you can rest assured that your attorney will fight for all compensation to which you may be entitled, including past, current and future medical expenses; pain and suffering; lost earnings or earning potential; or wrongful death benefits. While you focus on your recovery and emotional well-being, you should have a Houston personal injury lawyer at The Kahn Law Firm advocating for your rights. Contact us today – 713-999-6549 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN.
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