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Insurance Industry Tactics an Insurance Adjuster May Use in Your Claim (Part A)

When we learn to drive, most of us are taught that when we are in a car accident, we need to inform the car insurance company immediately to file a claim. While this still holds true, 1 thing that many seasoned drivers are not aware of is that the insurance adjuster who you'll speak to isn't focused on getting you a fair settlement.

The world of insurance, whether it be for your car, health, home or life, is a world of business – not customer advocacy. The insurance industry works in its own best interests, which often means using underhanded tactics to damage viable claims that should have settled for thousands more than victims are offered.

Common Insurance Industry Tactics Used to Harm Injury Claims

Filing a personal injury claim will involve a lot of paperwork but not your entire medical history. However, insurance companies are notorious for demanding claimants sign a medical records release allowing them access to ALL of medical records, even those unrelated to your current accident injuries.

This evidence often can give them fodder to claim your current injuries were pre-existing conditions and not caused by the accident. Other types of dangerous actions they may try to pressure you into agreeing to include giving a recorded statement without consulting an attorney.

Recorded statements are official records that you provide, usually over the phone, in which the insurance adjuster questions you about the details of the accident. Fast talk and rushed questioning can lead you to say things abruptly without considering how they may impact your claim's integrity.

The waiting game is a big part of filing a personal injury claim, too. The insurance companies know you need money now to cover your expenses, so they'll first try to offer you a low settlement right away, hoping you'll agree to any money they offer. If you're savvy, you'll know you can get much more with an attorney's help and to deny the offer to pursue the claim further.

That's when they may start making up excuses to delay your claim, hoping you'll just take whatever they offer. There's more to insurance industry tactics besides unnecessary information requests and unfair settlement offers.

Continue reading to learn about your insurance adjuster's potentially harmful conduct.

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