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Who can be held liable in a Texas school bus accident in Texas?

There are several types of school bus accidents that can occur in Texas. You could be a driver struck by a recklessly driven bus or your child could have been injured when a negligent bus driver failed to heed school bus safety rules. No matter who in your family was injured or how, the bottom line is that someone is liable for your injuries.

Depending on the nature of your accident there are many third parties that could be held liable in a school bus accident claim. 

By bringing your case to a personal injury lawyer you can have a professional review of your situation to determine who is liable for paying a settlement for your damages.

While it may have been the bus driver's negligent behavior that caused the accident they may be protected by their employer. In most cases, a public school bus will be owned by the local school district, which can mean you'll be filing a claim against a government entity. 

Other cases may have you filing your claim against a private bus company or the driver themselves – even the bus manufacturer may be liable for a mechanical defect!

With all of these potential parties to be named in your claim it's in your best interest to have a personal injury lawyer to help you keep control of your settlement progress. 

If you're unsure about liability in your claim your first source of information is a lawyer experienced with pursuing school bus accident claims.

Injured in a school bus accident? A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

It's not just children who can suffer injury in a school bus accident – when a bus collides with a passenger vehicle or pedestrian the consequences can be serious or even fatal. An injury claim against a school bus company is typically against the school district, which is a government matter.

Filing a claim against a government entity like a school district is much different from filing a normal injury claim on your own. You owe it to yourself and your family to have professional legal help to guide you through the process. At The Kahn Law Firm our husband & wife personal injury lawyer team is here to help advocate for your rights. Contact us today – 713-226-9900 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN.

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