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Child Injury

Protecting Your Legal Rights Following a Texas Child Injury!

Imagine a scenario where your trusted daycare provider fails to pay proper attention to your child as he plays on the playground. Without anyone noticing, he is bitten by red ants - hundreds of times all over his body. In addition to his physical injuries, he is so traumatized by the incident that he needs intensive ongoing counseling and is terrified of stepping on grass. To any parent, this is a horrifying scenario to imagine. It can happen to anyone and, unfortunately, it happened to our client.

No matter how diligent a parent is, accidents and injuries do happen.

At the Kahn Law Firm, we understand the emotional impact that parents face when their children are injured. As the parents to four children of our own, it is our passion to help protect the legal rights of child victims.

Whether an injury is the result of daycare negligence, a motor vehicle accident or sexual abuse, having a compassionate Brazoria County child injury attorney who understands the unique complexities of Texas child injury laws is essential. The state of Texas treats child injury cases differently than matters involving adult victims because it is not always apparent what the long-term effects of the injuries will be at the time of the accident. Proper legal steps need to be taken in order to receive the maximum damages to compensate your child for his or her pain and suffering, medical treatment and counseling.

Our free book, "The Texas Accident Book, Including the 10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Case," offers more information.

Our Texas child injury attorneys are here to help following your child's injury. As parents ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to handle these matters with sensitivity and compassion. Examples of our cases include:

  • Injuries occurring due to inadequate supervision at daycare, such as falling or broken bones
  • Injuries occurring during the birth of your child, including shoulder dystocia
  • Injuries to children in utero at the time of a car accident, where the extent of the injuries are truly unknown until the birth of the child
  • Sexual abuse, where one adult knew or should have known that the abuse took place

Equally as important as pursuing a claim for damages following the Brazoria County child injury is seeking proper counseling for the victim. We are here to help and will work with our clients to ensure that both the legal and emotional needs of the child are being met.

 No one will fight harder to protect your child than a fellow parent who understands the enormous strain that you feel when he or she is hurt.

If your child was injured, contact our office of Texas child injury lawyers for a free consultation or call us at 713-226-9900 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN.

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