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A Houston Lawyer Helps after a Car Accident Leads You to File a Personal Injury Claim (Part B)

When you have good legal counsel on your side after a car accident in Texas, you can have peace of mind that your car accident claim will be handled with the respect it deserves. To boost your chances at receiving maximum compensation for your injuries and property damage, you should consult with a Houston auto accident and personal injury law firm as soon as possible.

Behind the Scenes of a Houston Car Accident Claim

When investigators understand the kind of accident that occurred, they will be able to recreate what happened. If it can be determined in which direction the vehicles were traveling, for instance, and how fast they were traveling, it may be possible to conclude what the drivers may have witnessed before the collision.

Consider a rear-end collision at a stop sign, for instance. This kind of accident differs from a side-impact accident. In a rear-end collision, the driver in the rear should have noticed the car that he or she hit. However, with a side-impact crash, one driver may not have seen the other; that driver may have entered an intersection illegally.

If your car accident claim involves a crash where skid marks are absent and there are no signs that the driver tried to stop, it may be concluded that the driver who hit you didn't see you, perhaps because of a cell phone distraction.

A Houston Auto Accident and Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help

A Houston lawyer has the resources to work with investigators to reconstruct the accident scene to determine who was negligent and should be held accountable for your medical expenses and lost wages. This can often be accomplished simply by knowing the direction and speed of all vehicles involved. 

In determining the legitimacy of your case, a Houston auto accident and personal injury law firm may need to gather and preserve evidence and speak with eyewitnesses. To protect your case, you should follow all of your doctor's orders and speak with your lawyer before you speak with any insurance adjusters.

Contacting a Houston Lawyer After a Car Accident

When you have experienced legal representation on your side after a car accident, you can rest assured that your attorney will fight for all compensation to which you may be entitled, including past, current and future medical expenses; pain and suffering; lost earnings or earning potential; or wrongful death benefits.

While you focus on your recovery and emotional wellbeing, you should have a Houston lawyer at The Kahn Law Firm advocating for your rights. Contact us today – 713-226-9900 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN

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