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A Houston DUI Lawyer and What Questions to Ask During Your Texas DUI Consultation (Part A)

When you've been charged with a Texas DUI, a Houston DUI lawyer is likely your best defense against serving jail time, paying exorbitant fines, and losing your driving privileges. The state of Texas takes DUI cases seriously, and in an effort to force down the drunk driving rates, prosecutors pursue those charged with a DUI aggressively. 

Questions to Ask During Your Consultation with a Houston DUI Lawyer

How much experience do you have with Texas DUI cases? The number of cases handled and years spent in DUI practice don't necessarily equal a great, effective, or successful lawyer, but you want an attorney who thoroughly understands the complexities of DUI law as it's handled in Texas. 

Will you be handling the entirety of my case? It has become common practice in large law firms to conduct your consultation with a senior attorney and then hand off the case to an associate or case manager. Make sure you know who will actually be representing you.

How are your fees handled? Some DUI lawyers charge a flat rate, whereas others charge by the hour. A typical Texas DUI case can take anywhere from 10 to 14 hours to resolve without trial, given that it is a non-aggravated, first-time offense. 

What are the penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) and how can a Houston DUI lawyer help?

The penalties for a Texas DUI can range depending on your DUI history, your blood alcohol content (BAC), whether or not you submitted to a breathalyzer test, if you caused a crash, and whether or not anyone was injured in the accident (and how severely).

A Houston DUI lawyer can explain more about what possible penalties you may be facing and what steps are necessary to mitigate those consequences as much as possible. Schedule a cost-free consultation with an attorney today and get the help you need.

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