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Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Clarifies Texas Dog Bites under the Law (Part B)

Defining “Dangerous Dog”

Houston dog bite lawyers are able to help some victims of dog bites hold the dog owners responsible under the dog bite law, the Texas Dangerous Dog Act. This portion of Texas legislation provides a definition for dangerous dogs, as well as the legal requirements to which the owners of a dangerous dog must adhere. 

Texas dog bite law stipulates that a dangerous dog is one that: 

  • makes unprovoked attacks; or
  • acts like it will attack if left out of its enclosure. 

Owners of dangerous dogs must: 

  • register the dog with the local animal authority;
  • keep the dog restrained at all times;
  • maintain at least a $100,000 liability insurance policy;
  • provide proof of the insurance to the local animal authority; and
  • abide by all local restrictions on dangerous dogs. 

Understanding Your Legal Rights 

If you or your child suffered injuries in a dog bite attack, there's a good chance you may be entitled to financial compensation for losses you've experienced as a result of the incident.

With the help of a Houston dog bite lawyer, you may be able to account for: 

  • medical bills (including expenses for ambulance services, emergency room, hospital stay, surgery and medications);
  • future surgeries for scarring and deformities;
  • disfigurement and disability;
  • pain and suffering;
  • emotional and psychological anguish;
  • counseling and therapy; and
  • loss of income from missed work time. 

While it's true that the Texas dog bite law may be difficult to navigate and seems to side with the owners rather than the victims of dog bites, don't mistakenly assume that you have no form of legal recourse. 

Speak to an attorney at a dog bite law firm to discuss your legal options, and maximize your chances of attaining financial restitution. Your lawyer will be able to evaluate your case fully, examine pertinent liability issues, and help pursue your physical and emotional losses.

Contacting a Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

An attorney at The Kahn Law Firm will investigate how the dog bite occurred, interview neighbors and witnesses, and determine whether any city statutes or regulations were violated.

Additionally, if a parent or child of an injury victim witnessed the violent attack or death, Texas law allows for that person to sue for mental anguish and have a bystander claim. Contact us today at 713-226-9900 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN so we can get started on your dog bite claim.

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