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When You’ve Been Charged with a Crime, for a DUI/DWI or any other offense in Texas, You Need an Experienced Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side.

Getting charged with a crime in Texas for the first time is bad enough. Imagine when you combine it with a previous offense, such as a DUI/DWI. No matter how unfair the charges against you may be, they have the ability to completely alter your life, steal your opportunities and leave you with the stigma of a conviction. 

What is worse, is if you have been put on probation after a prior DUI charge, an unfair secondary charge against you could result in a harsher punishment. Interpreting Texas criminal defense law is not a task to be taken lightly. When you are facing a second charge in Houston, a criminal defense lawyer at The Kahn Law Firm can help.

We Know What's at Stake When You've Been Charged with a Second Crime 

In addition to handling DUI/DWI cases, our husband and wife criminal defense lawyer team is well-versed in several areas of Texas and federal criminal defense law. That means that regardless of the type of charge you are now facing, we have knowledge of the potential penalties, and can foresee how a judge, jury and district attorney will perceive your case.

At The Kahn Law Firm, we have successfully defended clients facing the following charges: 

  • DUI/DWI;
  • sex crimes;
  • drug possession, trafficking and distribution;
  • criminal assault, manslaughter and homicide;
  • burglary, robbery and theft;
  • probation violations; and
  • juvenile crimes. 

With this broad base of Texas criminal defense law at our disposal, we understand how a previous charge could impact your current proceedings, and will take every step necessary to safeguard your case.

Criminal Defense Law Takes Into Account your Constitutional Rights

You do have rights, even if in the midst of being charged with a crime for the second time you forget that fact. At The Kahn Law Firm, your rights afforded by the U.S. and Texas Constitutions are something we take into account each and every day.

As our Houston criminal defense lawyer team does with all of our clients, we will exercise diligence in our efforts to prepare your case and will offer you our undivided attention when listening to your questions. 

What's more, we offer a flat-fee structure so you will not have any surprises during this difficult time. For experienced, caring and thorough representation when dealing with a second criminal charge, call The Kahn Law Firm.

At The Kahn Law Firm, We Know Texas Criminal Defense Law

When you've been charged with a second crime in Houston, contact a criminal defense lawyer at The Kahn Law Firm. When you're worried about how a previous charge may impact your future, we can help. If you're facing a DUI/DWI charge in combination with another charge, don't leave your future to chance. Call us today at 713-226-9900 or toll-free at 1-844-301-KAHN or fill out our online contact form.

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