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  • Who can be held liable in a truck accident claim in Texas?

    Truck accident attorneys routinely help clients pursue restitution from various sources through a truck accident claim in Texas. Large trucks cause many serious, catastrophic crashes each year, and there are a number of parties that you and your Houston truck accident lawyer may be able to hold responsible through your Texas personal injury claim if you have been involved in an accident.

    Trucks cause an enormous amount of destruction when they collide with other vehicles, and it is usually the people in the passenger vehicles who suffer the brunt of the injuries. 

    Victims and their families have several legal options after a truck accident. However, determining who is actually responsible for an accident can become fairly complicated, especially when more than one party may be legally liable for the injuries in your truck accident claim in Texas. 

    When you consult with a truck accident attorney, you will explore all the potential parties that you may be able to hold liable in your Texas personal injury claim, such as: 

    • the truck driver;
    • the truck company;
    • manufacturers whose defective parts contributed to the accident (e.g., tires, brakes, etc.);
    • the company that leased the truck or the trailer; and
    • shippers or loaders of the truck’s cargo. 

    Each case is unique and usually necessitates the counsel and investigation of a Houston truck accident lawyer to determine which parties are liable for your injuries. Contact an attorney for questions regarding the specifics of your truck accident claim in Texas. 

    Contacting a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

    When you have experienced legal representation on your side, you can rest assured that your attorney will fight for all compensation to which you may be entitled, including past, current and future medical expenses; pain and suffering; lost earnings or earning potential; or wrongful death benefits.

    While you focus on your recovery and emotional wellbeing, you should have truck accident attorney at The Kahn Law Firm advocating for your rights. Contact us today – 1-713-226-9900 or toll free 1-844-301-KAHN.