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Can I be found liable if my car is rear-ended in a car accident in Texas?

Being rear-ended in a car accident is an all-too common occurrence. It happens all the time; you stop or slow down, either at a stop sign, stop light, or because of traffic, and the driver behind you slams into the back of your vehicle, causing damage to your car and possibly injuries to you or your passengers. It is an unfortunate accident, but luckily it is very unlikely that you will be found liable for the accident if you are the one who was rear-ended. A Texas personal injury attorney can help you prove this in a claim.

When you are rear-ended, you are hit from behind, something you have little control over as a driver. As the driver behind you should always be following at a safe distance, this type of car accident is usually considered a result of his or her poor driving. When a motorist is driving safely, the driver behind you should have plenty of time to stop or slow down when you do. If they are unable to do so, it is assumed they were not following you at the proper distance and therefore, the accident can become his or her fault.

On the other hand, if it is proven that you were not paying attention to the road, causing you to come to an abrupt stop that led the car behind you to slam into you, you then may be at fault.

The circumstances that put the other driver accountable may be hard to prove, so it is wise to get legal counsel to help you through litigations if you plan to pursue a personal injury claim for serious injuries or damages.

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