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Texas Dangerous Drug Claim: Helping Your Personal Injury Attorney

Posted by John J. Kahn, Jr. | Apr 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

In preparing for a Texas dangerous drug claim, you may ask yourself the question: What can I do to help my personal injury lawyer with my case? The answer will depend in part on what was discussed during your initial consultation. 

Some of the most important preliminary work you can do following the initial consultation is to help your lawyer collect the necessary documentation for your claim. In particular, the attorney needs help to properly document the condition, treatment, and experiences resulting from the dangerous drug, and to record any financial losses or loss of consortium incurred as a result of the drug injury. 

You can help your attorney the most by: 
  • retrieving valuable medical records that can be used as evidence;
  • double-checking important dates during the course of the treatment;
  • contacting witnesses that the lawyer can interview; and
  • collecting employee and financial records documenting lost wages and benefits.

As your case progresses, a good strategy in drug injury representation is to have open communication with your attorney. 

It's critical that you keep your attorney informed if there are any new developments, including, but not limited to, changes in your health. Even if you feel that the information is trivial or could potentially harm your claim, you need to be completely honest and forthcoming with the information so that your attorney can prepare the necessary defenses. Likewise, what may seem irrelevant to you may be an essential element to your drug injury case.

Drug Injury Representation in Texas

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