Texas product liability lawyers will have some questions in connection with a tragic accident over the Christmas holiday that killed two people and left two others critically injured when their Toyota ended up in a pond in Southlake. According to news reports, the Toyota Avalon ran through a stop sign and then struck a fence, finally ending in the frigid waters of the pond. The dead have been identified as Monty Hardy of Southlake and Hadassah Vance of Euless.

The vehicle involved was a Toyota, and this has piqued the interest of .personal injury lawyers in Texas, and around the country.  The automaker has been the center of controversy around reports of uncontrolled and unintended acceleration in its vehicles. Several Toyota customers have complained that their cars, suddenly and without any reason, began to accelerate to high speeds. These reports received additional credence in August this year when a family of 4 in California was killed, allegedly after their Lexus accelerated to high speeds and crashed.

That accident set in motion a chain of events that included Toyota’s massive recall of 3.5 million of its vehicles because of, what it claimed, were floor mat issues that contributed to the acceleration. Since then, the company has admitted that there may be other issues involving the gas pedal that may have contributed to the acceleration. Another investigation by the LA Times has indicated issues with Toyota’s electronic throttle system. So far, there is no indication if this accident in Southlake was caused by malfunctioning parts or driver error, but investigators will be considering all angles.

Millions of Texans drive Toyota vehicles, and the fact that there has been a fatal accident here involving a Toyota, possibly due to acceleration issues, is definitely worrying. While Toyota continues to simper and tiptoe around the issue, drivers in Texas continue to be at risk. As Texas product liability lawyers, we hope the automaker comes out clean about whatever problem is causing this unintended acceleration, and takes immediate steps to fix it.

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