Texas DPS Investigates Fatal Motorcycle Accident – Houston Injury Lawyers

The Texas Department of Public Safety is currently investigating a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Montgomery County.  The accident involved two motorcyclists who were killed when they were struck by a pickup truck driver.  The two had been riding with a large group of motorcyclists near state Highway 115.

The two motorcyclists sustained fatal injuries.  The other motorcyclists were not injured in the accident.  The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating what caused the driver to plow into the group of motorcyclists.

As more and more motorcyclists around Texas gear up for riding season, Houston motorcycle accident attorneys would advise motorists to watch out for motorcyclists at all times.  A motorcyclist may be easy to miss, and could also easily fall into your blind spot.  It’s important for drivers to look out for motorcyclists in these spots, especially behind your vehicle or near busy intersections.  Look out for motorcyclists when you’re backing out of a parking lot.

Motorcyclists are at risk of severe injuries in accidents.  Even a helmeted motorcyclist may suffer serious head and brain injuries in an accident, which can even prove fatal.  A helmet can do nothing to protect a motorcyclist from other kinds of injuries, like spinal cord injuries, fractures and amputations.  These injuries are frequently seen in motorcycle accidents.
Most motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists who fail to look out for motorcyclists or fail to yield right-of-way to them.  These continue to remain the most important factors in motorcycle accidents.  It also doesn’t make it easier for motorcyclists that drivers these days are more distracted than ever before.  You’re less likely to see a motorcycle if you are engaged in other activities while driving.

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