Texas Dog Bite Law: Houston Dog Leash Ordinance

In Texas, each county may impose a dog bite law that owners must adhere to, in addition to any state-wide dog bite laws. Harris County has a fairly strict dog leash law in the hopes of protecting the safety of children and other passersby. 

The Houston dog leash ordinance can become an extremely important element in claims for dog bites. This is because in Texas, unless the dog has a history of attacks or aggressive behavior, dog bite victims must be able to show that the owner violated an animal control law.

Harris County Animal Control clearly states that “all dogs and cats must be kept under restraint while in the unincorporated areas of Harris County, Texas.” In other words: 
  • dogs aren’t permitted to run around at large; and
  • they always must be kept under direct physical control (on a leash) of their owner. 
If you or your child suffered a dog bite attack from a dog that wasn’t previously deemed a dangerous dog, Texas’ “negligence per se” dog bite law still allows an avenue for you to seek restitution. After a traumatic attack, you’ll want to pursue any monetary compensation to which you may be entitled, to cover not only the medical expenses, but also the pain and suffering you or your child has experienced.

To get started, consult a Houston dog bite lawyer and determine if you can demonstrate to the courts that the owner violated a Texas dog bite law, such as the Harrison County dog leash ordinance. 

Contacting a Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

An attorney at The Kahn Law Firm will investigate how the dog bite occurred, interview neighbors and witnesses, and determine whether any city statutes or regulations were violated.

Additionally, if a parent or child of an injury victim witnessed the violent attack or death, Texas law allows for that person to sue for mental anguish and have a bystander claim. Contact us today at 1-713-226-9900 or 1-844-301-KAHN so we can get started on your dog bite claim.
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