Texas Cities Some of the Most Unsafe for Motorists – Houston Accident Lawyers

Motorists in Houston have an average of 7.7 years between collisions, making them 29.5% more likely to be involved in a collision than the national average.  Garland is one of the most dangerous Texas cities for motorists, with a seven-year gap between collisions.  Motorists here are 8 .6% more likely to be involved in a collision than the national average.  Corpus Christi does not fare much better with a 9.6 year gap collisions, and a 4.4% higher likelihood of being involved in an accident than the national average.  Those statistics come from a new report released by insurer Allstate about the safest cities in America.

No Houston car accident lawyer will be surprised to find that several Texas cities feature as some of the most dangerous for drivers in the country.  The safest areas in Texas seem to be Brownsville and McAllen with a gap 10.8 and 10.5 years between accidents respectively.  The Allstate list of the safest 200 American cities, has14 Texas cities featured in the bottom 100.  These include Pasadena, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Irving and Austin

So, why are motorists here at a higher risk of being involved in collisions?  Much of it could have to do with our insane congestion levels.  After all, part of the reason Brownsville is so safe for drivers is because residents there don’t battle the kind of traffic we do every day.

However, there are other factors that also increase Houstonians’ risk of being involved in accidents, and it has a lot to do with the drivers themselves.  It’s not a coincidence that Houston and other cities in the Harris County area that are at the bottom of the list, also have a huge problem with intoxicated driving.  Besides, we notice that many motorists simply don’t pay attention while they’re driving.  You can’t afford not to pay attention when you’re navigating through traffic as busy as ours.

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