Study Shows Teen Drivers Need Parental Guidance To Prevent Accidents – Houston Auto Accident Lawyers

A new study highlights a fact that Houston car accident attorneys have been aware of.  Parents have a crucial role to play in developing safe driving habits in their children.  The study also suggests that they could be doing more to instill responsible driving practices in their children.

The results of the study were released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.  Researchers studied 50 families in North Carolina for four months after the teen driver in the family received his driver’s license.  The families were monitored via cameras installed in the car.  Researchers were specifically looking at the interaction between parents and teen drivers while the latter was driving.  They found that the favorite instruction of most of the parents, was to “slow down.” There was very little advice about remaining alert to the cars around, and other such responsible driving practices.  Besides, the researchers noted that any instructions that were given by the parents were given in a stressed tone, which does nothing to instill safe driving practices in a teen motorist.

The researchers recommend some lessons to take home from the study.  The most important lesson is that practice driving sessions with a parent in the car are a must, after a teen driver first gets his driver’s license.  According to studies, automobile accidents are the number one cause of teen deaths in the US, and the risk of an accident is the highest during the first few years after the teen driver receives his license.

The researchers also found that many of the parents were not confident about their children’s abilities to drive in challenging situations, like in poor weather or heavy traffic.  But that didn’t stop them from allowing the child to receive a driver’s license as soon as he became eligible for it.  If you’re not sure that your child can handle driving in difficult situations, make sure that you place restrictions on his driving, so he is not driving in poor weather or bad traffic.

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