Several Children’s Products Now Have To Come with Product Registration Cards – Houston Child Injury Lawyers

Over the next few months, more of the children’s and babies’ products you purchase will come with a product registration card that allows you to register the product with the manufacturer. This measure will help the manufacturer inform you immediately if there is any recall of the product.

A new rule requiring a range of children’s products to come with product registration cards went into effect in July 2010. Under the rule, a number of products including play yards, strollers, cribs, walkers, bassinets, baby slings, baby carriers, stationary activity centers, bath seats and a number of other infants’ and toddlers’ products will have to come with registration cards that allow the consumer to register the product with the manufacturer.

As Houston injury lawyers and parents of toddlers, we know that there definitely is a need for a rule like this. Very often, parents continue to remain unaware of recalls even after notices have been splashed across the media. Parents continue to use defective products like cribs or highchairs, even after a recall has been announced, placing the children at a risk of serious injury. With the product registered with the manufacturer, it’s much easier for the company to inform parents about the recall.

Just how beneficial these cards can be is seen from the fact that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has required child car seats to come with registration cards for many years now. These products have a high recall response rate among parents, because manufacturers can contact consumers to inform them of the recall. With this new rule, all the products that are included in the list will come with such cards.

You might have to wait a while to find these cards available with all products. It may be a few months before all manufacturers begin adding registration cards to their infants’ products.

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