School Safety on Our Minds – Houston Child Injury Lawyers

Children playing on sidewalks, speeding SUVs, and school buses barreling down the roads – Houston car accident lawyers will see plenty of these at this time of year as thousands of children in the Houston and Harris County area have started back to school.

According to the NHTSA, most school bus accidents involve children as they are getting down from or boarding a bus, and not when they are actually riding a bus.  Teach your child the basics of school bus safety.


  • Leave home early so that you can arrive at the bus stop well before the bus arrives.  That’ll help you avoid having to run to the bus, always a dangerous thing to do.
  • While at the bus stop, stand 6 feet away and wait till the bus comes to a complete stop before you begin to board the bus.
  • Hold on to the handrails tight as you climb the bus, and make sure that your bag or clothing isn’t entangled in the railing.
  • Be alert, when you get off the bus.
  • If you have to cross the road alone, take extra care as you come out from behind or from the front of the bus.  Remember, motorists will see a school bus stopped at a stop, but will not be expecting children to come darting out from behind the bus.
  • Never walk behind a school bus.
  • If you drop something just outside the bus, yell out to the driver to alert him before you bend to pick it up.

It’s also time to start driving carefully around school zones.  Look out for more numbers of children on the sidewalks.  Also remember to drop speeds in a school zone, and look out for kids walking out from behind cars and stopped school buses.
Children who bike to school must wear well fitting helmets.  Make sure that your child’s bike is in good condition, and give it an inspection before he/she begins using it again.

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