Yes, April 13 is “National Be Kind to Lawyers Day!”  I didn’t make this up, although I hope every day is “Be Kind to Lawyers Day.”   According to the website below, lawyers get a lot of grief… (editors note:  really?? ha ha).  From the site:

Jokes are made about [lawyers] and they consistently rank as one of the least respected professions on the planet.

Yet, when regular people need help writing a will, running a business or avoiding jail time, who do they flock to?  Lawyers!  This love/hate relationship too often tilts to the hate side of the ledger.  Well no more.

Announcing “NATIONAL BE KIND TO LAWYERS DAY” on Tuesday, April 13th.  It’s a simple way to show the attorneys in your life that you really care about them:  That you’re willing to give 1/365th of your year to back up the love.

Here are a few ways the site suggests that you celebrate today:

  1. Slip words like “I object” or “You’re out of order!” into your everyday conversations
  2. Take your favorite lawyer to breakfast or lunch.
  3. Send your favorite lawyer a “just because” card or bouquet of flowers.
  4. Do some simple repairs around your house with a gavel instead of a hammer.

To our clients…  we thank you for allowing us to serve you as your attorneys.  We are here for you, and flowers are not required!  We hope you enjoy this beautiful spring day.

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